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Fire Island Ferries

Fire Island Ferries

With a more laid back atmosphere than the Hamptons and visitors commonly found walking around barefoot, Fire Island is now also becoming the summer destination for families, singles and ever popular with artists, actors and musicians.

April 24 L.I. Limo Car Service offers transportation to all Fire Island Ferries.

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Sayville Ferry

Operates from April to November and provides service to Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove, Sunken Forest, Water Island. You can find the ferry office at 41 River Road, Sayville, New York. Vehicles are not allowed on the ferries and the crossings take between 20 and 30 minutes each way.

Patchogue Ferry

Head to Davis Park, Watch Hill, or Fire Island from Patchogue Long Island on the Davis Park ferries and really enjoy the view! There are no cars allowed on Fire Island so if you plan on visiting you must take one of the Fire Island Ferries. The crossing takes about 18 minutes each way and the service is available from March to September. Check out a little more information on Davis Park, Watch Hill, and Fire Island in general to determine where you want to take the ferry first!

Bay Shore Ferry

If you are heading to Fire Island then the Bay Shore Ferries can help you reach Saltaire, Ocean Beach, Atlantique, Kismet, Dunewood, Fair Harbor, Seaview, and Ocean Bay Park. The peak service is from May through September although there is service year round depending on the weather. No vehicles are allowed and the crossing is about thirty minutes from the Bay Shore to the Island.